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And the man asked the Evil: Why do you put the questions only, and teach nothing. And answered the Evil -- As it is not possible to pour the water into a full glass, so cannot I teach you, unless you ask…

Parable from Evil. About questions.

Dear Colleagues!

    Welcome to the Portal "Conferences and Seminars", which is created on an initiative of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine (ATS of Ukraine), in cooperation with the Internet Unit of the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems, NAS Ukraine (IPMMS NAS Ukraine).
    The topics of conferences, already represented here as well as expected ones, in a certain way reflect the spheres of activity of the full members and corresponding members of ATS Ukraine.

    All interested scientific teams and public organizations are invited to participate and cooperate.
    With all organizational questions that may occur you are strongly advised to contact the Secretariat of ATS Ukraine.

Working conferences:
  - 2017
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